How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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The average American emits 21.8 tons of CO2 per year (1.82 tons per month). To offset 1 month of your CO2 emissions, a donation to Everybody Solar of $179 is equal to 1.82 tons!

Solar projects are just one way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and slow climate change. Check out the tips below for more ways you can make an impact by reducing your carbon footprint.

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Trapdoor Social: Creating Alternative Rock for Alternative Energy

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Everybody Solar has had the pleasure and luck to have an outstanding partner and inspirer to help bring a free solar energy system to Homeboy Industries – the L.A. based non-profit which helps former gang-involved men and women receive job training.  Partnerships in the non-profit world are not uncommon, though what is uncommon is that our partner isn’t another…

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Solar and Rock and Roll, Building a Brighter Future

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Youness Scally of Everybody Solar and Skylar Funk of alternative-rock and alternative-energy-championing band Trapdoor Social join Talk Solar radio host Beth Bond to discuss their joint project that brings solar energy to one of Los Angeles’ most inspiring non-profits, Homeboy Industries. Listen to the podcast

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WeCare: An Easy Way to Support Our Projects

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Solar energy, the fastest growing U.S. energy source, now employs more people in the U.S. than the steel industry and is starting a transformation of our country’s energy landscape in such a profound way that some are calling it a solar revolution.  The growth of solar is driven largely by falling prices for solar panels…

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Help Indie Rockers Buy Solar Panels for a Cool L.A. Nonprofit

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Homeboy Industries is pretty cool — and not just in name. Founded by Jesuit priest “Father G,” the L.A. nonprofit has been helping people escape gangs for 25 years through tattoo removal, job training, rehab, and more. The nonprofit even helps former gang members start on a career in solar panel installation. “[T]he non-profit has an…

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