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HELIO - Zeus level sponsor

Makers4Good.org works to set up giving partnerships between makers and like-minded nonprofits. The makers donate to their partner organization 100% of the profits for a specific product. The nonprofit can then reach out to their members and design a publicity campaign to raise both awareness and funding for their cause. They act as a catalyst for makers who want to give back, but are unsure of the best way to do so.

Makers4Good also collaborates with the same talented makers to work on design challenges for underserved populations. They brainstorm, prototype, test, and create solutions for real-world problems. They find that these collaborations not only benefit the population served by the project at hand, but also foster a mindset of working for social good. They want to create a community where doing good is engrained in the culture, openly discussed, and examined to improve and enhance its impact.

We are thankful for our recent partnership with Makers4Good and their generous donation of HELIO solar lanterns & powerpacks.

HELIO is an ultra-efficient solar lantern, flashlight, and power bank that keeps you going through all your adventures. It can charge your smartphone, and it can brightly illuminate your entire nocturnal trek. In Infinite Mode, HELIO needs just one hour of solar charge per day in order to stay lit indefinitely. HELIO is an ideal companion on all your outings.

HELIO is quite simply the best solar-powered flashlight, lantern, and powerbank in the world.

Makers4Good.org is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization.

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