The Everybody Solar Story

We Bring Nonprofits and Solar Energy Together

Our solar installations save thousands of dollars for local nonprofits who need it most. These organizations are able to invest cost savings from electric bills directly into their missions: to feed children, provide counseling, support a shelter, or start a movement. By harnessing the power of the sun, we help local communities thrive.


Everybody Solar works to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects. By providing solar power to local charities, we help them reduce electricity costs and direct their limited resources to the communities they serve.


Everybody Solar is working to create healthy and sustainable communities. We want current and future generations to have equal access to essential social services while living on a thriving and sustainable planet.

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Igniting Change: The Story of Everybody Solar's Founding


In the bustling world of finance and accounting, my days were filled with numbers and balance sheets. The work was challenging, but as the years passed, an undercurrent of dissatisfaction grew within me. I began to feel that my professional life was missing something - a purpose beyond ledgers and profit margins. This longing for something more meaningful, more impactful, initiated a transformational journey.

A chance encounter with a documentary on solar energy opened up new possibilities. I was captivated by the sun's potential to provide clean, renewable energy and saw it as a beacon of hope amidst the climate gloom - a tangible solution to our planet's escalating dependence on fossil fuels. However, living in a rented apartment left me feeling frustrated and helpless as I couldn't install solar panels to contribute directly to this revolution.

Despite my living situation, I couldn't sit idle on the sidelines. I was determined to make a real impact, and this required finding ways to accelerate the installation of more solar energy systems. Searching for a solar energy-focused charity where I could volunteer, I found that most organizations were more politically oriented and lacked the concrete action I was looking for.

Fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit that defined my childhood - from selling candy bars door-to-door to planning a future sports card and comic book store with my best friend - I decided to create the change I wanted to see. If there was a dearth of organizations doing the work that I believed in, I could start my own.

Drawing inspiration from Carl Sagan's Cosmos series, I remembered his poignant quote about our "pale blue dot." Sagan's vision of Earth as a fragile pixel of light in the vast cosmic dark resonated deeply, reminding me of our planet's vulnerability and our shared responsibility to protect it.

In 2011, Everybody Solar was born out of this restless desire for change. It wasn't just an organization - it was a catalyst for action, a beacon for everyone who wanted to join the fight against climate change.

I couldn't afford to quit my finance and accounting day job, but that didn't deter the dream. Nights and weekends transitioned from crunching numbers to envisioning a sun-powered future, and balance sheets were set aside in favor of strategizing how to bring this sustainable power to local nonprofits. Every spare moment became a testament to this driving passion.

Since its inception, Everybody Solar has been a testament to the power of collective action, shared dreams, and the indomitable human spirit that can innovate and adapt in the face of a crisis.

Today, it stands as a beacon for everyone who believes in the power of solar energy, as we continue to work tirelessly to transform our communities and our planet.

And in the end, it all comes back to the innate desire to leave a better world for future generations. We owe it to our children and the generations yet unborn to fight for a cleaner, greener future. Everybody Solar is just one small part of that massive endeavor, but together, we can make a significant impact.