Solar for All

allSustainable Industries - May 8th, 2013
Everybody Solar is breaking ground this week on its inaugural solar installation, a 21.5 kW project for Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP). The project was born from a successful fundraising effort that kicked off in May of last year and attracted over 100 individual and corporate donors. The installation will help power RTP’s Redwood City headquarters, saving the nonprofit over $150,000 throughout the system’s 25-year lifetime.

The solar energy revolution is sweeping through California, and homeowners and businesses are leveraging solar to improve their budgets and produce energy locally. Nonprofits – as non-taxable entities that do not qualify for tax credits – have traditionally been precluded from benefiting from solar incentives and shut out from solar leasing provisions. Through crowd-funding, Everybody Solar enables non-profits to get the same benefits from solar that homeowners and businesses get, allowing them to save money on their energy bill and thus them give more support to their communities.

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