Can Solar Help Prevent Crime?

home girl_jamEcoSolargy Blog - September 5th, 2013
A couple weeks back, I was at a government contracting meeting at Los Angeles City Hall.  Due to lovely LA traffic and scheduling, I didn’t have time for lunch #ABitPeckish.  Fearing I would have to sit through a 3-hour meeting without sustenance, I heard wonderful news of a diner downstairs.  

I rushed down and found Homeboy Diner!  It was a savior to my stomach and to the others attendees #HungryDeeterIsAViolentDeeter!  I thought the name sounded very familiar and after some quick iPhone stalking, I discovered they’re connected to Homeboy Industries.  About a month prior I had met with Youness Scally, executive director for Everybody Solar. During our meeting, he mentioned that his company was doing a project for Homeboy Industries in LA.

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