Indie Rockers, Former Gang Members, and Sierra Club Team Up For Solar

homeboyexteriorhqKCET - September 16th, 2013
Los Angeles-based alternative rockers Trapdoor Social have a reputation for environmental consciousness, ever since way back in 2011 when the band's principals Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met while taking environmental studies courses at Pomona College.

So it's no surprise that the two would come up with a green-leaning way to promote their forthcoming album. But rather than offering their crowdsource patrons some green-tinged swag and calling it a day, Graves and Funk decided to use their promotional efforts to create some of what the marketing folks might call synergy.

Trapdoor Social's funding campaign for its next album, due out early next year, isn't actually going to fund the next album. Instead, the net proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will go to put solar panels on the roof of an innovative and popular Los Angeles non-profit that's helped to turn thousands of young people's lives around: Homeboy Industries.

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