It’s A Wonderful (Solar) Life

its-a-wonderful-life-smallCleanTechnica - December 19th, 2013
Whether it’s a solar array that helps a charity organization focus more on its mission by eliminating its electric bill, or a lamp that helps a child in a remote village do his/her homework at night for the first time, the gift of solar endures.

Thanks to new financing options and lower material costs, solar has been growing like crazy and helping middle class families across the country save for retirement and college funds. However, it still is just out of reach for most charities and nonprofits.While a solar array pays for itself many times over and charities are great at cutting costs to improve operations, non-profits are often cut off from financing options that would allow them to benefit from solar.

To fix this problem, solar companies and solar-specific non-profits are lending a hand through crowdfunding financing and donating product.

This holiday season, four solar organizations have teamed up to put a solar array in the stocking of one of Los Angeles’s most popular charities, Homeboy Industries, and spread solar cheer. Non-profit Everybody Solar and alt-rock group Trapdoor Social are crowdsourcing the funding for the project, while Orion Solar Racking, module manufacturer ecoSolargy, and  inverter manufacturer Solectria Renewables have made significant in-kind donations.

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