Everybody Solar Goes Wild with Solar

Anabelle teaching kids about the environmentPVSolarReport - September 5, 2014
We all know that solar power confers many benefits, both financial and environmental. San Francisco-based nonprofit Everybody Solar takes that a step further by crowdfunding solar projects for nonprofit groups that traditionally can’t afford or finance solar. That allows the nonprofits to put more resources into their mission.

For its latest project, Everybody Solar is compounding these benefits by using solar power to help care for animals at a wildlife sanctuary.

In honor of National Wildlife Day, Everybody Solar announced it will crowdfund a new solar project for Wildlife Associates, a wildlife sanctuary and children’s educational nonprofit in Half Moon Bay, California. The 25 kW solar array will cut Wildlife Associates’ electric bill by an impressive 90% and save the organization $10,000 each year — for a total of $250,000 over 25 years.

The organization will be able to reallocate these funds to serve its core mission: taking care of wild animals like cougars and condors, and educating the community about the importance of wildlife conservation and sustainability.

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