Trapdoor Social Solar-Power's Rock 'N' Roll

Skylar FunkSIERRA - May 3, 2018

The rockers and their Sunstock Festival raise money for solar installations. By Katie O'Reilly

IT WAS IN POMONA COLLEGE's Environmental Analysis Program that I met my bandmate Merritt Graves. The course discussed urban infrastructure and how cities use resources like passive solar. Once Merritt and I formed an alternative rock band, we found ourselves talking constantly about all this Southern California sunshine that tends to go to waste. From day one, we wanted to create an artistic project with leverage to have an environmental impact—we called it Trapdoor Social. ... So when Trapdoor Social prereleased its second EP in 2014, we partnered with the Sierra Club, Grid Alternatives, and a small nonprofit called Everybody Solar to throw a fundraising event. We used the money to purchase solar panels for Homeboy Industries, which is an awesome local organization that provides former gang members with job training and support.

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