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A collection of notable moments in our work to help local communities and reduce our society's reliance on fossil fuels.  

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The Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) is unveiling its new 41.9-kW solar array — complementing its existing 10-kW system, just as the holiday season begins. This new system is anticipated to generate over 56,045 kWh of electricity and offset a total of $6,120 in electricity costs in the first year of installation.

The system is the result of a year of collaboration with the nonprofit Everybody Solar in partnership with ENGIE North America, Change Happens Foundation, All Points North Foundation and Tri-State Energy Solutions.


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The Tuesday after Thanksgiving offers an ideal opportunity to focus some love on the planet. It’s GivingTuesday.

With presents to wrap, decorations to hang, and Zoom parties to attend, your agenda is likely overflowing. Perhaps you’ll want to add Earth to your gift list this year...Environment-focused Organizations To Consider. These organizations make it easy to focus your GivingTuesday generosity on protecting the environment, through donations and other ways.

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Brookline, MA (June 17, 2020) – To ensure its grantees have urgently needed operational funding to help mitigate or alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, All Points North Foundation today announced it will award $340,000 in emergency grants through December 2020.

A private foundation, All Points North Foundation has a unique, two-pronged mission: public middle-school education (grades 6-8) in underserved communities, whether urban or rural, and significantly advancing the penetration of solar energy through education, job training, and use of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

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No business exists in a vacuum. Employers and their employees play important roles beyond the workday, and below are a few select opportunities that aim to encourage a synergy between business and community....

... and for a fine example of how synergy between business and community can work...

Eugene Science Center breaks ground on outdoor classroom. ...Thanks to the generous support from community members such as...Everybody Solar...

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The novel coronavirus, upending our world as we know it, is also changing how we consume energy and address climate change.

Driving the news: The various impacts are occurring both now and into the future. Most changes don’t bode well for acting on climate change and transitioning to cleaner energy.

Five changes happening now: Lower emissions : Global carbon dioxide emissions are likely to drop this year, due to the global economy faltering. That’s not a silver lining to the novel coronavirus. It’s like a person who loses weight while sick. It’s a byproduct of a bad situation and by definition should and will not last.

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Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions (CWG) recently powered up its new solar panel grid system at the Gulch Base Camp. The money saved on utilities will fund scholarships that give kids access to outdoor education.

Coordinated by nonprofit, Everybody Solar, and installed by NM Solar Group, the two part, overall 9.32-kW photovoltaic energy system is expected to save CWG over $1,278 in utilities annually.

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On January 31, Boise Bicycle Project (BBP) will celebrate the recent installation of a 5.6-kW roof provided by nonprofit Everybody Solar, in partnership with Clenara and Empowered Solar.

The new solar panels — donated by Clenara and installed by Empowered Solar — will save BBP an average of $1,100 annually. With significantly lower overhead costs, the nonprofit will be able to expand its services, which include hosting bike repair workshops and providing refurbished bikes to both kids and adults.

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In a second project partnering with nonprofit One Spirit, Everybody Solar, with the support of numerous agencies including Patagonia, Black Hills Solar, Murdock Electric and JinkoSolar installed an 11.16-kW solar array to the Charging Buffalo House (CBH). This site was targeted to reduce One Spirit’s electricity costs in order to increase the sites sustainability and to provide a live example of the value of renewable energy to the community.

Everybody Solar previously installed solar for the Pine Ridge Reservation’s youth centers last year. “The Buffalo House is one-of-a-kind on the reservation. It is a new facility aiming to increase the consumption of traditional meats to help address the growing rates of diabetes, obesity and other diet-related diseases,” said Jeri Baker, executive director of One Spirit.

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FBBLogoScreensFoundation Beyond Belief - June 15, 2019 | Beneficiary guest blog by Everybody Solar

Over the past few decades, global climate change has demonstrated dramatic effects on the environment and local populations, at an increasing rate. Scientists are predicting increases in the frequency and severity of major catastrophes, including: flooding, hurricanes, drought, and more. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “Scientists have high confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities”.

As a result of the above, individuals and corporations are looking at ways to reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously reducing their overhead costs. ...

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After encountering several challenges with the roof structure and therefore design of the system, Everybody Solar, with the support of numerous agencies — O’Brien Construction, Energy Design, Woodchuck Engineering, Jerry’s Home Improvement, EWEB, JinkoSolar and All Points North Foundation — is bringing a 30.2-kW solar array (in two phases, with the first phase completed this month) to the Eugene Science Center (ESC).

While the re-designs led to delays in installation, one of the benefits is that the solar array will now be side mounted to the South-facing side of the ESC’s building, allowing for the public to have more immediate contact with the system. In this first phase of the installation, the Eugene Science Center is receiving 18.9 kW of photovoltaics...

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