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Everybody Solar picks Rebuilding Together Peninsula for our pilot project!

img 5310ew_smallRebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) is a non-profit community organization based in Redwood City, CA. Since RTP’s founding in 1989 they have rehabilitated 1,111 homes and 320 community centers while leveraging the hard work of 79,000 volunteers.

Earlier this year, volunteers at Everybody Solar decided to partner up with Rebuilding Together Peninsula to bring this outstanding non-profit solar power through crowd funding, sponsorships and grants. Here are some of the reasons why we picked this great organization:

  1. RTP’s Mission Says It All:  “Rebuilding Together Peninsula builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low income homeowners and neighbors – seniors, people with disabilities, or families – so they can live independently in warmth and safety.”
  2. Bringing Together Community:  It’s in their name, but also what Rebuilding Together Peninsula really does with their National Rebuilding Day, Team Build and Safe at Home programs.
  3. Openness and Responsiveness:  The people of Rebuilding Together Peninsula have been helpful and responsive to our ideas and mission since day one! It’s clear that it’s not just a job for them, but that they really believe in what they’re doing. In addition, RTP is dedicated to transparency and accountability, and is rated 5 stars by Guide Star.
  4. Fighting Climate Change with Efficiency:  RTP’s Energy Teams implement energy efficiency measures on selected RTP homes and community facilities. Helping RTP go solar will help them put more Energy Teams out in the field, meaning reduced carbon footprints from solar panels as well as through energy efficiency programs. This added bonus fits perfectly with our main goal of fighting climate change.

  5. Having A Real Impact:  This solar project isn’t just good for the environment, it will also save RTP over $3,000 a year. That is money that can be spent directly on projects that have a big impact on the community. RTP will be able to do 11 more Energy Efficiency or 59 more  Safe at Home projects because of the clean energy we will give them.
  6. The Increasing Need: Of the one-million-plus residents that RTP serves in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara counties, over 94,000 are low-income homeowners with an average annual income of $12,000. Neighbors have to help neighbors in these times, and that is what RTP is all about.
  7. Multiplying Our Impact: We are excited to help Rebuilding Together do all of the above, while at the same time reducing Redwood City, California’s dependency on CO2 Emitting Fossil Fuels. And because of the savings the solar energy system will provide Rebuilding Together Peninsula; every $5 donated to the project is equivalent to donating $11 directly to RTP. Multiplying the positive impact to communities from every dollar and individual action is what we’re all about!

If those reasons sound as good to you as they do us then please help bring solar power to this local community and very deserving non-profit by getting involved or donating today!

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