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Progress Report: 2012 - A letter from our founder

YS Solar Confluence

December 12th, 2012- It is hard to believe that another year has nearly come and gone, but here wer are. It is time to reflect on 2012, as well as look forward to 2013. But firts, thank you to all of you that believe in Everybody Solar and the positive impact you are helping make for both nonprofits and the environment. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for trusting in us and our mission.

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered, donated, blogged, tweeted or otherwise made it possible to move forward on our dream. It is you that keep us going and drive us to work hard every day for Everybody Solar and our mission. Thank you!

It hasn’t been easy, but in this past year Everybody Solar has made leaps and bounds to help the local community. In late spring of this year we launched our partnership with Rebuilding Together Peninsula to bring them the savings and power of our pilot solar energy project. With those savings, Rebuilding Together Peninsula will be able to fix more homes for low-income Bay Area families, and reduce greenhouse gases emitted by over 11 tons a year! 

On a raucous Wednesday night in October, so many of you came out and showed your support for us and Rebuilding Together Peninsula. We packed Elixir Saloon to beyond capacity. That night put us past the $9,000 mark in raised-funds for the project, moving us significantly closer to our $42,000 target.

Throughout the year we have been meeting with folks from all parts of the solar and non-profit communities. In May I had a chance to speak at the San Francisco Community Solar Confluence, hosted by the Local Clean Energy Alliance.  

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with SunWork Renewable Energy Projects. SunWork, a nonprofit solar installer, is dedicated to spreading the adoption of solar energy to all communities. They have helped us design a solar energy system that will serve Rebuilding Together Peninsula and their supported communities for years to come.  In addition, they connected us with the the most competitively priced solar vendors and manufactures. We have sourced quality materials from responsible manufacturers that maintain the highest standard of environmental and employment ethics. To date, SunWork has installed over 175 kilowatts of solar systems to over 50 households. 

I am very optimistic about the direction we are headed and what we can accomplish in 2013. We are on-track to complete the Rebuilding Together Peninsula solar project and initiate one to three new solar projects for other local nonprofits. We will continue to work towards creating sustainable and lasting partnerships that will allow us to achieve our mission. With the continued help of our supporters we will accomplish great things in the year to come.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Youness Scally, 
Executive Director - Everybody Solar

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