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Why I Volunteer

December 12th, 2012 - Volunteering for Everybody Solar gives me the opportunity to contribute actual progress to a more sustainable and well-rounded society. 

Many of us have extremely busy lives and finding time to volunteer between cooking meals, spending time with loved ones, being physically active, working long work-weeks, and running errands can be very difficult.  Hours become scarce and therefore increasingly valuable. When you find the time to volunteer, you want to make sure that with those scarce hours, you are truly making a difference. You want to fill fulfilled.

I know that the time that I give to Everybody Solar is exponentially valuable. It is a way for me to step away from my day-to-day, and give to something that is not only working towards bringing solar to non-profit communities, but asking our society to change our behaviors so we can continue to sustain the environment and the lives around us. In an increasingly stressful age, where climate change becomes more imminent and social services become more pertinent to so many more families, we have to find innovative solutions to face these challenges. Volunteering for Everybody Solar allows me to contribute, at least a small amount, to a solution. By working and volunteering for organizations and leadership that are determined to restructure the way we think about community and sustainability, we can truly address the concerns of our generation.work hard every day for Everybody Solar and our mission. Thank you!

Written by: Jennifer Seneor
Everybody Solar volunteer since 2011 

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