Two Things We Love - Homeboy Industries & Solar - Come Together

runonsun logoRun On Sun Blog - September 23rd, 2013 
How about this for a great match: Homeboy Industries, that great charity in LA that helps former gang members find a better life, is finally getting solar installed on their HQ in downtown LA!  (Sadly not by us, but you can’t have everything.)  This is a great story and even better - you can help make it happen! (H/T Carter Lavin.)

LA-based indie rock band, Trapdoor Social is helping to raise the money needed to fund the solar project through its collaboration with Pledge Music.  At their dedicated site, Alternative Rock for Alternative Energy, Trapdoor Social is encouraging its followers to make a minimum $10 pledge to help fund the project.

 But they are offering way more cool ways to support the cause: $50 gets you a custom t-shirt signed by the band, $100 gets you a songwriting session, $200 gets you added as an official sponsor on the solar plaque, and $1,500 will get you a private concert.  Pretty cool.

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