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How Everybody Solar and Domino Are Creating a Solar Domino Effect

rtp-install-blog-smallJoin the solar revolution through our partnership.  
By Rosana Francescato - Oct 27, 2015

Domino is proud to announce a new partnership with Everybody Solar. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Everybody Solar is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits — by donating solar systems to them. Project by project, they’re helping make solar power more accessible to communities around the country. 

Why solar is so great for nonprofits

Solar power is awesome! But it’s not yet available to everyone. That’s where Everybody Solar comes in. 

Most nonprofits can’t afford solar, and they face other hurdles. It’s hard for them to finance solar. They can’t take advantage of tax credits. And they don’t always own the buildings they work in.

Everybody Solar changes this equation. By giving them free solar systems, Everybody Solar makes it possible for these organizations to enjoy the benefits of solar. For a nonprofit, that means more than just saving energy and money. Saving with solar also frees up resources for the nonprofits, so they can put those resources into their mission. And that helps their communities.

How Everybody Solar helps communitites 

What kind of nonprofits does Everybody Solar help? They come in all forms, but projects like these all help their communities in some way:

    • Rebuilding Together Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area helps rehabilitate homes and community centers for neighbors in need. By providing the organization with a solar energy system, Everybody Solar is saving them thousands a year — which they can put back into their community work.
    • Wildlife Associates in Half Moon Bay, California, takes care of non-releasable wild animals and inspires wonder, empathy, and love for wildlife among the hundreds of thousands of wildlifeassociates porcupine web smallchildren they serve each year. Everybody Solar is helping them slash their $9000-a-year electric bills by 90% with a free solar system.
    • The Sciencenter in Ithaca, New York, wants to expand their educational programs in the community. They also plan to open a new exhibition gallery that will empower guests to engage in sustainable practices in their daily lives. Everybody Solar is now raising funds for a solar system that will save the Sciencenter over $1,600 annually and help them achieve their goals.

Giving back to Everybody Solar

With similar goals of bringing clean energy to more people, Everybody Solar and Domino make great partners. We can help support Everybody Solar’s mission to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects. And Everybody Solar can be part of the 1 billion actions we’re creating for our clean energy future.

As part of our partnership, Domino will help the Everybody Solar community save energy and money — with everything from smart thermostats to solar power. Everyone who talks to a Domino energy savings concierge will get a personal energy savings plan to help them get off fossil fuels — and save money in the process.

And for each Everybody Solar community member who talks to a Domino concierge, Everybody Solar will receive a donation from Domino. It’s a win-win-win!

How you can get involved

volunteers installing panels on wla barn web small

Everybody Solar doesn’t just help nonprofits and their communities. It also provides a way for all of us to be part of the solar revolution.

Can’t go solar yourself? Or maybe you do have solar on your roof, but you want to do more? By volunteering on an Everybody Solar project, or donating to help make projects happen, you can support solar power in a very direct way. And even a small amount helps.

We say this all the time about clean-energy actions, and it’s also true for these donations: small actions can have epic impacts, when enough of us do them. That’s what the Domino Effect is all about.

The great thing about helping out nonprofits with solar is that this option is available to everyone — wherever you live, and whatever you can afford. Now, that’s what we call making solar accessible.

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