Economics of Going GreenMarch 7th, 2012 - I recently listened to a Freakonomics podcast  (Hey Baby, Is That a Prius You’re Driving?). It discussed the economical perspective of why people “go green” and how they make their choice purchases (such as buying a Prius instead of a Honda hybrid).

 According to a recent model developed by a couple of PhD economic students, people are 30% more likely to purchase a Prius over an equivalent semi-electric car strictly based on appearance (conscious or not).

Solar Music February 7th, 2012 - Despite the need for renewable energy and the ever-growing importance of making the switch to solar, these changes can at times be a little overwhelming. 

Personally, nothing helps motivate us and keep things in perspective like music! 

Solar Roof San Francisco- Everybody Solar CharityNovember 23rd, 2011  -  One of the primary reasons for using clean energy is to efficiently employ our planet’s free and easily accessible energy sources, i.e. the winds, solar rays, and the Earth’s own internal heat.  

light goes on 1October 14th, 2011  -  It’s ironic how individuals who often go into the non-profit sector don’t like money or have great indifference towards it but land in organizations who are forced to talk about money all the time.

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