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Glacier National Park workers with mountains in the background

Bring Solar to the Glacier National Park Conservancy - Beta Road House. The Glacier National Park Conservancy works to preserve and protect Glacier National Park for future generations. As the organization has grown, two of the main challenges have been 

1) creating new avenues for fundraising to grow their ability to support critical projects in the park, and

2) creating and growing a workforce culture that provides opportunities for a diverse group of co-workers to engage in this important work.  

This project is fully funded.  Installation pending.


$45,9500 Needed/ $45,950 Raised


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rsz 3311504656 472977684860078 1060543406537249054 nBring Solar to St Johns Housing Partnership (SJHP) in St. Johns County, St. Augustine,


The SJHP committed to promoting affordable housing by creating links between the public and private sectors for projects which create low and moderate-income housing, benefit disadvantaged areas, rebuild neglected neighborhoods, and enhance community economic and social development. 

This project is fully funded. 


$76,050 Needed/ $76,050 Raised


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Sulzbacher Village child playing in sandbox

Bring solar to the Sulzbacher Village (SZV) and help support a permanent low-income housing community for women and families in Jacksonville, Florida. Sulzbacher Village focuses its efforts on providing economic empowerment, educational advancement, health and wellness, and character and leadership to their residents; enabling them to reach self-sufficiency over time.

Nibezun dancing

Bring solar to Nibezun and help preserve the Wabanaki language and traditions. Nibezun resides on sacred Wabanaki land along the Penobscot River in Maine, where they celebrate culture as medicine, provide an inclusive space for healing, and promote sustainability for all people and future generations.

YMCA Camp Cory's kids make smoresBring solar to YMCA Camp Cory and help young people get outdoors and experience friendships without technology. A camp of the YMCA Greater Rochester, NY, Camp Cory sits on Keuka Lake. YMCA's Camp Cory focuses its activities on building skills in self-confidence, independence, friendship, and offers everyone a sense of belonging.





Bison on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Located on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, the One Spirit Charging Buffalo House, offers a connection to Native American tradition, support for hunger relief, and employment. Prior to this facility being built, Lakota had to take their game and herd meat to Nebraska for processing – increasing costs and taking vital income off the reservation.

GlacierNtlPark 1

Bring solar to the Glacier National Park (GNP) Headquarters building and help this iconic park expand its commitment to renewable energy and a more sustainable future.  The headquarters building is the brain center of GNP operations. It houses all the leadership for the park, is on the historical walking tour, provides entry to the western side of Glacier for bikers, and is open year-round for visitors to converse with rangers.

Creative Discovery Museum child playing

Bring solar to Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) and help inspire all children to explore, innovate, create and play. In the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the sixth fastest warming city in the United States, CDM is perfectly positioned to help families and the next generation learn about the potential of a low carbon future.

This project is complete. See pictures here.

$116,980 Needed/ $116,980 Raised

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kids looking through scopes at the Eugene Science Center

Bring solar to the Eugene Science Center (formerly the Science Factory) in Eugene, OR, and help them sustain their educational science programs and exhibits.

This project includes the development of an interactive solar exhibit that demonstrates how solar panels work while empowering community members to invest in solar and other clean energy sources.


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