Bring Solar to the Shelterless - Mary Isaak Center

Bring solar to Committee on the Shelterless (COTS)
- Mary Isaak Center and break the cycle of homelessness for children, and families with the help of solar power!

This project is fully funded and installed! See images here!
$46,450 Needed / $46,450 Pledged


COTS provides life-saving shelter and transformative programs to families, children and adults in Sonoma County, California. The organization provides 322 beds of emergency shelter, both transitional and permanent housing, and serves 120 hot meals per day. All of these services take a lot of energy to keep running.

In November 2016 we completed the first phase of the project by installing a 19.5 kW solar energy system on their headquarters, the Mary Isaak Center. See project photos here. For Summer Solstice 2017, we completed the second phase, an 8 kW solar array for one of the homes dedicated to COTS' Veterans Housing Program.

Together we are helping COTS reduce their carbon footprint by 14,000 pounds of CO2 per year, and re-directing more of their limited funds towards helping homeless families by cutting over $11,000 per year from their electric bills.

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Project Details: We will help COTS install a 19.5 kW solar energy system on the Mary Isaak Center (their main facility) and an 8 kW solar energy system for one of their permanent supportive homes for veterans in Petaluma, California.

Our Impact: By giving over 27,500 watts of new solar energy to Committee on the Shelterless, we will help them save $11,200 per year, allowing them to serve additional meals, provide additional job readiness and retention courses and beds for emergency shelter to those in need.

Help break the cycle of homelessness for children, families, and adults. Provide an example of how communities can come together to use solar energy to save valuable resources, and help address climate change!

Do all this and more for your community by helping install solar for COTS!

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It takes a village to bring solar energy to local charities, and we are extremely grateful for the village of concerned citizens and organizations who have stepped up to push solar for COTS forward!

THANK YOU to the over 200 individuals,Enphase Energy, JinkoSolar and Solplicity who made significant contributions to solar for Committee on the Shelterless.

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