Bring Solar to the YMCA's Camp Cory

YMCA Camp Cory's kids make smoresBring solar to YMCA Camp Cory and help young people get outdoors and experience friendships without technology. A camp of the YMCA Greater Rochester, NY, Camp Cory sits on Keuka Lake. YMCA's Camp Cory focuses its activities on building skills in self-confidence, independence, friendship, and offers everyone a sense of belonging.





This project is fully funded. See pictures here.

$81,774 Needed/ $81,823 Raised

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Each year, Camp Cory provides approximately 250 scholarships, for a variety of programs (summer camp, school field trips, women's weekend, family camp), to low income and underprivileged families. A full scholarship to one week of summer camp costs $850. With the savings Camp Cory will experience from having solar they will be able to provide an additional seven children with access to their programs or to fortify their staffing needs – their greatest resource.

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The planned 31.93 kW system will be placed on the dining hall on the grounds. The array is projected to provide 32,949 kWh of energy in the first year. This offsets 51,479 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere; the equivalent of 54 barrels of oil, or of sequestering carbon from 386 trees annually*. Overall, the planned photovoltaic solar energy system will save Camp Cory approximately over $3,950 in the first year.


“Camp Cory is very excited to take steps in helping the environment, which helps us all.  We are excited to share the solar process with our campers … and [how this impacts] global climate change” says Michele Rowcliffe – Camp Cory Vice President of Camping Services.


CampCory Archery"Camp Cory allows me to get away from the city where I cannot do many activities outside. I get to be around nature and to be active while meeting many new people from different countries, states and school districts." - summer camp participant.
 * numbers calculated based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies


THANK YOU to individuals and organizations who made contributions to help bring solar to the YMCA Camp Cory!

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Anonymous . Adam & Kimberly Salem . Alain Valette . Brendan Madrid . Brigid Warmerdam . Carolyn McInnes . Catherine Warmerdam . David Ellis . Ellen and Neil MacNeale . Jeremy Russell . Kate Macneale . Lee Barken . Madeleine Seneor . Martin Griffith . Patrick Monroe . Regina Trimble . Richard Marino . Stephanie Parreira . Sravant Lavu . Tor Valenza . Yoni Sauerbrun .


 . Gumerlock Family Foundation . Tonic SF . Patagonia SF .


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*Data calculated from EPA carbon emissions calculator