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Bring Solar to Glacier National Park - Grizzly Point Station

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Bring solar to the Grizzly Point comfort station at Glacier National Park (GNP) and help improve the experience of the over one million annual visitors as they travel on the famous “Going to the Sun Road”.  Recognized for its’ iconic glaciers, Glacier National Parks offers visitors immeasurable value as they wander through this area’s natural beauty.

This project is fully funded and Installed! See pictures here.

$7,728 Needed/ $8,495 Pledged

Goal reached

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Glacier National Park had over 100 glaciers when it was established in 1910. In 2015, only a couple dozen met the size criteria to be considered active glaciers. Today, they are all melting. The effects of glaciers melting range from an increase in seasonal wildfires, to the loss of fish and insects that are an integral part of this vital ecosystem.

GlacierNtlPark mountain goat

As per the National Park, “the effects of reduced snow and ice pack will be felt in areas far away from the park as well. It is estimated that nearly 50% of freshwater used by humans is from mountains. As temperatures increase, and droughts become more frequent, the demands for agricultural and municipal water use are likely to increase, further reducing available water resources.”

Like other National Parks, GNP depends largely on park admission fees from its more than 3 million annual visitors.  However, consistent underfunding forces the park to reduce balance seasonal park rangers and other staff, reducing hours, closing facilities and offering fewer visitor programs and services.


Placing solar at the Grizzly Point Vault Toilets, will not only improve the users experience, but it will also put renewable energy at the forefront of the public eye.

Every dollar you donate to Everybody Solar has triple the impact – direct (purchase of materials for solar installations), improves the ongoing sustainability of Glacier National Park, and protects the environment. Here’s a look at your triple impact for Glacier National Park.

  • $50 = 2 Ozone generator plate sets
  • $60 = 2 Single contact control relays
  • $120 = Two 7 day event timer mount
  • $250= 1 Ozone generator
  • $300 = Exhaust fan
  • $530 = wires, fittings, shipping, etc…
  • $1,140 = Battery Bank
  • $1,500 = Photovoltaic panels
  • $3,500 = solar installation labor
  • $1,500 = Everybody Solar administrative fees

Shepherd Glacier - 1911 (red line = size of glacier), 2015 (current size of glacier)

GlacierNtlPark glacier loss



 THANK YOU to individuals and organizations who made contributions to help bring solar to Glacier National Park!

Special Thanks to....

. Anonymous Donors . Alain ValetteCarolyn McInnes . Ellen & Neil MacNeale . Mark Berria .


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