Everybody Solar - Solar Fund

The Everybody Solar - Solar Fund allows donors to contribute to all of Everybody Solar's projects. When you make a donation to the Solar Fund, we will apply your gift to the Everybody Solar project or projects that need(s) it the most, helping them realize their dream of going solar.

Your donation can improve the sustainability of a nonprofit and help protect the environment today.





Every $200 donated means...

  • 1 solar panel on the roof of a nonprofit.

  • Using EPA equivalencies, in just one year, that panel will...
    • prevent more than 4,070 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.
      • the equivalent of not driving an average passenger car 4,426 miles, or
      • the equivalent of not filing up your gas tank 208 times, or
      • the equivalent of reaping the benefits 48 trees growing for 10 years.
      •  the equivalent of offseting 3 flights from New York to San Francisco (one-way; economy class)

Even a small gift has a great impact in fighting climate change and creating more resilient communities!

  The Solar Fund is distributed towards various community-serving non-profits in need of renewable energy-saving solar solutions. Everybody Solar currently serves vulnerable communities throughout the U.S. Your donations to the Solar Fund are investments in a more sustainable future.