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Solar to the Eugene Science Center

kids looking through scopes at the Eugene Science Center

Bring solar to the Eugene Science Center (formerly the Science Factory) in Eugene, OR, and help them sustain their educational science programs and exhibits.

This project includes the development of an interactive solar exhibit that demonstrates how solar panels work while empowering community members to invest in solar and other clean energy sources.


This project is fully funded and Installed! See pictures here.

$132,765 Needed/ $134,078 Pledged

Goal reached

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The 32.55 kW photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system will save the Eugene Science Center approximately $4,900 per year. Overall, the system will offset 52,578 lbs. of CO2 per year – the equivalent to planting 663 trees.

 Bringing solar to the Eugene Science Center will permit them to redirect funding from paying electricity to increasing their educational initiatives: enabling visitors to increase their interaction with and knowledge of sustainable energy resources through new hands-on-exhibits.

The Eugene Science Center, which hosts programs from “no school days” to “Girls’ Science Adventures” enables kids of all ages to grow as they experience science, math, and more. The new solar exhibit will communicate in real and historic time the amount of energy the Eugene Science Center’s rooftop photovoltaic array is generating. A second interactive exhibit will represent in a simple fashion the inner workings of a photovoltaic cell by showcasing how photons from sunlight interact with electrons within the solar panel to produce sustainable energy.

Overall, the Eugene Science Center receives 35,000 visitors annually. In part, through these new solar exhibits, the Eugene Science Center is hoping to increase their visitor-ship to 60,000 over the next few years. Additionally, energy savings from the PV array will offset the Eugene Science Center’s operating costs, which helps the Eugene Science Center continue to offer and grow its programs for the community.


Standing up for nature and supporting local communities has never been more important. Everybody Solar would like to thank all of our supporters. We could not be bringing solar to other nonprofits without your generosity.

THANK YOU to HUNDREDS of giving people  and organizations for your significant contributions to help bring solar to the Eugene Science Center!

 Special thanks to...

. Mark Berria . Mathew Bon Eric Bumbalough . Kyle Collins . Jack Lambert . Richard & Darlene Marino . Charissa Nelson . Joshua Zelinsky . Mathew Bon .


. Amazon Smile . Google Gumerlock Family Foundation .

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