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Bring Solar to Glacier National Park - Headquarters

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Bring solar to the Glacier National Park (GNP) Headquarters building and help this iconic park expand its commitment to renewable energy and a more sustainable future.  The headquarters building is the brain center of GNP operations. It houses all the leadership for the park, is on the historical walking tour, provides entry to the western side of Glacier for bikers, and is open year-round for visitors to converse with rangers.

This project is fully funded. See images here.

$105,680 Needed/ $105,680 Raised

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Recognized for its iconic glaciers, Glacier National Parks offers visitors immeasurable value as they wander through this area’s natural beauty.  Historically, GNP had over 100 glaciers when it was established in 1910.

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In 2015, only a couple dozen met the size criteria to be considered active glaciers. Today, they are all melting.The effects of glaciers melting range from an increase in seasonal wildfires, to the loss of fish and insects that are an integral part of this vital ecosystem.

“The National Park Services stands poised to always make a sustainable contribution to our national landscape and when opportunities like using renewable energy to power a building come along, we need to take advantage of this.”…” Going renewable on the Headquarters building will be our largest endeavor to date and will show the public we mean business when it comes to sustainable practices. This building is the nerve center of the park and I continue to work hard at converting major systems in this building to green solutions.” Says Jim Foster, Chief Facility Manager at Glacier National Park.


grinnell glacier hikersLike other National Parks, GNP depends largely on park admission fees from its more than 3 million annual visitors.  However, consistent underfunding and the effects of the global pandemic are forcing the park to reduce staffing/hours, close facilities and offer fewer visitor programs and services.  

Placing a 34.56-kilowatt (kW) solar array will generate an anticipated 39,291 kWh of electricity in one year. This is equivalent to preventing 61,387 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere or to 34.1 acres of forest sequestering the equivalent. Finally, solar on the Headquarters building for GNP will enable them to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment for future generations, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and conserve our natural resources.




 THANK YOU to individuals and organizations who have made contributions to help bring solar to Glacier National Park!

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