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For over 170 years, Buckhorn Children & Family Services (BCFS) has been a pivotal source of support in one of the most isolated and impoverished regions of Kentucky. Their mission, ever-responsive to the changing needs of the community, has led them through a transformative journey, reshaping both spaces and lives.

Expanding on their existing solar capabilities, BCFS, with the support of Everybody Solar, is now enhancing their solar energy system by installing an additional 26.90 kW solar array, a strategic move that promises to increase operational efficiency, reinforce their commitment to environmental sustainability, and provide even greater support to those in their care.

Project Overview:

Nestled in the foothills of Perry County, Kentucky, Rogers Cottage Recovery House is a 12-single-bedroom inpatient rehabilitation facility for adult women. Less than 10 miles from Buckhorn Lake and Buckhorn State Resort Park, the campus offers a wide variety of activities for its residents. From hiking and kayaking to farming and gardening, the program utilizes the natural serenity that Buckhorn provides as an integrated component of their clients’ clinically managed recovery.

The financial savings garnered from this solar expansion are crucial, as they will be strategically reinvested into essential services and programs. These savings enable a variety of impactful outcomes, ranging from maintaining day-to-day operations to providing critical resources for recovery programs, including transportation for outdoor activities, support for job interview preparations, and funding for life skills, professional development, and mental health programs. Each dollar saved is a step towards enriching and empowering the lives of those in Buckhorn's care.

The planned 26,90 kW solar array will generate 36,724 kWh of electricity annually. This will avert an additional 57,377 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually, equating to the environmental benefits of recycling 9 tons of waste or nurturing 430 tree seedlings for a decade.


Fundraising Goal = $ 98,750

Annual Impact:



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THANK YOU to individuals and organizations who have made contributions to help bring solar to Buckhorn!

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