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Solar at the Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Positioned in the heart of the city, CDM serves as a source of inspiration for children and families, encouraging exploration, innovation, creativity, and play. In a city that ranks as the sixth fastest warming city in the United States, CDM plays a vital role in educating the community, including the next generation, about the potential of a low carbon future.

Project Overview:

The Creative Discovery Museum (CDM) attracts nearly 250,000 visitors each year who come to experience a diverse range of exhibits and hands-on learning opportunities. From the engaging River Play area to the Excavation Station, Make It, Arts Alley, and the iconic Museum Tower, CDM offers an array of interactive exhibits that captivate and educate.

This project helped the CDM take their commitment to renewable energy further (they had a 10kW solar array on the roof) by implementing an additional 41.9 kW solar energy system. The new solar array not only provides clean energy but is also visible from the Lookout Tower, serving as a visually striking testament to the museum's dedication to sustainability.

This project also facilitated the creation of an educational video targeted at middle school children, known as the VIDI (Video Interactive Discovery Initiative). Through this initiative, 600 children will have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy and its significance for a sustainable future. Additionally, an interactive solar exhibit was developed, helping further engage visitors in the exploration of renewable energy.

The projected savings resulting from the solar array directly support CDM's various free and reduced admissions programs, which benefit over 50,000 individuals annually. Additionally, CDM actively participates in the nationwide Museums for All program, offering a discounted admission for individuals with an EBT (food stamp) card.

The Solar panels also support CDM’s sustainability initiative and energy related programs.

“We are grateful for the support of Everybody Solar and its partners.  This project is helping CDM achieve its goal of becoming a more environmentally friendly and sustainable organization. It also provides children and families with a better understanding of what they can do to protect our environment,” said Henry Schulson, CDM’s Executive Director.

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THANK YOU to individuals and organizations who have made contributions to help bring solar to the Creative Discovery Museum!

Special Thanks to....

Adam Marczyk, Adam and Kimberly Salem, Anonymous, David Ellis, Martin Griffith, Gumerlock Family Foundation.