Five Star Life - Summit

INSTALLED | November 2023

We brought solar to Five Star Life's Summit Facility (FSL) in Union, MI. FSL supports childrens' programming in character education, leadership and mindset development, climate building, and peer mentoring.

Founded to help address the high national student dropout rates, Five Star Life reached over 22,000 children annually through their programs in schools and at Summit in 2021.

Project Overview:

Through their curriculum, as much as 80% of the school population has raised Ropes course at Summit Leadership grounds Five Star Lifetheir GPA or maintained a 3.0 or above. At-risk youth or marginalized youth 6-12 years old represent 70% of the population they work with.

Focus areas include: At risk-education and academic support, workforce readiness, mentoring, character education, and experiential learning. Their programs range from video curriculum for classrooms to their Summit Experiential Learning – which offers equine, nature education, adventure, target learning, and arts.

We brought solar to the Summit, a 350-acre leadership training facility, where they use psychology-developed programs, to help change the perception of self and world to be better equipped to deal with life. “Seventeen years ago, we set out to change the face of education, sports, and culture by changing the mindsets of kids and … [as a result of increased isolation due to the pandemic] … our mission has never been more important,” said Seth Maust, FSL Executive Director.

The 23 kW of solar array installed at Five Star Life Summit, will help expand their programming beyond the summer season. The solar array will generate approximately 27,596 kWh of electricity, and prevent 43,115 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. The system will target FSL barn, offsetting 100%+ of its current consumption.

Solar at the Summit will enable Five Star Life to expand its programming at the facility and incorporate renewable energy into its STEM programming.

“We want to be able to share the need for solar, its impact on the environment, and potential careers in the solar world.” Said Aubrey Danielson, FSL Director of Development. Savings from solar would allow FSL to expand programming to add new Summit experiences and serve more kids.

Annual Impact:












funded with $76,880 raised!

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Staff of Five Star Life with modules
five star life kids and instructor
Installing solar panels for Staff Five Star Life.
five star life kid in row boat

THANK YOU to individuals and organizations who have made contributions to help bring solar to Five Star Life at Summit!

Special Thanks to....

Anonymous Donor, Alain Valette, Aubrey Danielson, Carolyn McInnes, David Ellis, Drew Enamait, Grace Valette, Josie Valette, Kathryn Cryts, Linda Hayes, Matthew Bon, Myriam Scally, Polly Wingfield, Tyler Kanczuzewski, U.S. Bank.