Social Advocates for Youth Dream Center


Imagine a place where counseling, housing, educational support, jobs, and more are provided to over 2,300 youth in Sonoma County. The Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) Dream Center stands as that beacon of hope. To amplify their impact, Everybody Solar stepped in to usher in a solar transformation, empowering SAY to do even more for their community.

Project Overview:

Everybody Solar collaborated with SAY to realize their solar installation project, marking a significant step toward a sustainable future. SAY approached us with the need to bridge the funding gap for the final 9 kW of their complete 22.54 kW solar array. By taking this initiative, we ensured that SAY's resources could be better directed towards their core mission. Through the completion of this endeavor, SAY achieved a projected 25-year savings of more than $52,000, ultimately reinforcing their capacity to support the well-being of countless young lives.

The figures speak volumes. Before the solar journey, SAY grappled with an annual electricity expense exceeding $39,000. In 2016, their energy usage amounted to 176,294 kWh, costing nearly $40,000. However, with the realization of the solar array, an impressive annual energy production of 31,351 kWh was achieved. Beyond the financial benefits, this clean energy endeavor annually prevents 48,982 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, contributing to a healthier environment for generations to come.

At the heart of this transformation lies the essence of SAY's mission – to create a nurturing space for the youth in Sonoma County. The installation of solar energy infrastructure is not merely a technical advancement; it signifies a commitment to forging a better future, where every dollar saved is reinvested into the well-being and potential of the next generation.

"Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders with Solar Energy Today: Together, we're lighting up pathways of opportunity for Sonoma County's youth while creating a cleaner, brighter world for all." - Susan Boyle, SAY Dream Center Communications and Marketing Director

Annual Impact:








funded with $7,585 raised!

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underneath view of solar panels
group of people in front of mural
start of project to install solar panels
people in front of SAY Dream Center

THANK YOU to our volunteers, donors and project sponsors for helping make this solar dream a reality!